Legend has it the Oracle of Delphi told Apollo, “The radish is worth its weight in lead, the beet its weight in silver, the horseradish its weight in gold.” Horseradish maintains this significant legacy in our own time. This tasty root adds zest to any dish, and also holds its own as a potent natural remedy for numerous ailments.

Brief History:

Usage of Horseradish dates back to the year 1,500 B.C, and has been documented in ancient cultures including Ancient Egypt and Greece. It was used as a natural medicine during the Middle Ages in Europe, and became ubiquitous in renaissance Europe, when its cultivation became widespread. In the 17th century it was grown and consumed in Great Britain, where it became a favorite amongst country folk and laborers. The golden root made its way to the New World via early settlers, and by the mid-1850s Horseradish farms had developed across the Midwest.

Facts and Info:

Did you know that Illinois is the nation’s largest Horseradish producer? The state boasts 1,800 acres of Horseradish farming land. Collinsville, Illinois, the site of the International Horseradish Festival, produces nearly 60% of the world’s Horseradish.

The health benefits and medicinal properties of horseradish are manifold. Medicinal uses include:

  • Fights Flu
  • Soothes Tonsillitis
  • Alleviates Headache
  • Heals Respiratory Ailments
  • Fights Cancer
  • Source of Vitamin C and Potassium
  • Natural Antibiotic
  • Clears Sinuses
  • Treats Joint Pain






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