WEB LOGOThe Horseradish Challenge™, launching this Passover season, is a video challenge shared over social media in which friends and family members dare each other to eat one teaspoon of horseradish on camera – showing their support for innovative, high-impact youth programs at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The Horseradish Challenge is all about hope and possibility. Traditionally, Jews eat bitter herbs at Passover as a reminder of the struggles of past generations. This year it can also be a gesture of affirmation among Jews and non-Jews alike – and a way to encourage good will and alleviate hardship.

So consider lending your palate to the cause. A few moments of sweat, tears and facial contortions will provide joy and laughter to many – and you’ll be part of creating a better future for Israel.

About American Friends of The Hebrew University

American Friends of The Hebrew University (AFHU) is a national, not-for-profit organization based in the United States. AFHU, working in close partnership with The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, provides programs, events and conducts fundraising activities in support of The Hebrew University’s internationally recognized community of leading scholars and scientists. AFHU helps to ensure Israel’s well-being by nurturing the nation’s greatest asset: the intellectual strength of its people. For information, please visit https://www.afhu.org/.