The Horseradish ChallengeTM

The Horseradish Challenge™ is all about hope, possibility, and building a better future for the people of Israel.  It’s a reminder that we are all obligated to provide our children with hope for a brighter tomorrow and opportunities to realize it – regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or social status. By taking the Horseradish Challenge – and encouraging friends and family to join you – you will help jumpstart groundbreaking programs for Israel’s youth at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. So get ready to clear your sinuses and support a critical cause!

Learn more about the great causes you’re supporting.
Have leftover horseradish? Read how you can use it in recipes here.


Film yourself eating a teaspoon of horseradish (matzo is optional). Remember to say your name and that you’re participating in “The Horseradish Challenge” and to challenge three adults you think would LOVE to eat some horseradish for a great cause! (Or simply tag them in your post).
Post your video to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube and use #horseradishchallenge and in your post
Tag and challenge friends on social media!
Donate $20 or if you don’t feel like chowing down on some horseradish, you can donate $40 (or more) and challenge three other people to participate.