First-Star-Horizontal-LogoThe Challenge:

Foster children in Israel face numerous obstacles on the road to becoming productive, happy adults. Their path forward is frequently complicated by the serious academic challenges that result from displacement, life instability and a lack of support. Many foster youth struggle to graduate from high school, let alone earn college degrees.

The Opportunity:

First Star Academy-Jerusalem is a new program under development at The Hebrew University that will show foster youth from across Israeli society that they belong on a college campus – and empower them to get there.

Successfully implemented on college campuses across the US, First Star’s Foster Youth Academies keep high-risk foster youth on track for high school graduation and prepare them for college. The Academy’s immersive residential summer sessions – reinforced by return visits throughout the school year – create a sense of community while building critical academic and life skills.

With the launch of a new First Star Academy in Jerusalem, The Hebrew University will become a second home and family to some of Israel’s most disadvantaged youth, providing inspiration, encouragement, and a path to academic achievement and self-sufficiency.