center logoThe Challenge:

In today’s conflict-ridden world, it has never been more important to promote the constructive exchange of different perspectives and points of view – particularly among the next generation.

The Opportunity:

The Center for the Study of Multiculturalism and Diversity is uniquely positioned to encourage inclusiveness, dialog and understanding in Israel’s youth and future leaders – Jewish, Christian and Muslim alike.

Recently launched at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Center is the Middle East’s first university-based initiative dedicated to the promotion of civil society, democracy, and pluralism, bringing together students and faculty from varied backgrounds with the goal of fostering respectful dialogue and debate and a sense of shared social responsibility.

The Center explores critical issues of multiculturalism and diversity on an academic and practical level, supporting research, academic discussion, events and programming – all with the aim of encouraging a pluralistic campus environment and cultivating life-long values of multicultural sensitivity, tolerance and appreciation among students.